With their debut album “Portal To Darkness”, Unblessed Divine opens a unique portal to brutal music history. Combining classic death metal from the 90’s with electronics in a way no other band has used in extrme metal before, Unblessed Divine unleashes a unique album that brings darkness to our world. The 8 tracks on the album include both fast and uncompromising songs as well as more epic ones, all giving the listeners something they won’t forget. But don’t be fooled, this is death metal in it’s rawest and most bestial way, along with a bit of a disturbing end-of-the-universe feel to it.


1. Book of Lies 04:36
2. Replace the Light 05:55
3. The Dark Supremacy 04:24
4. Blacken the Soul 07:26
5. God of Darkness 06:03
6. The Exalted One 05:30
7. I Feed 04:02
8. The Glorious Flames 07:15

Release date: August 18th, 2023

Digipack CD / vinyl / digital

Unblessed Divine debut EP is an introduction to the album that will sum up all the darkest that one could bring to the Death Metal genre in XXI century Behold Darkness Is Coming  


  • 01. The Exalted One
  • 02. The Glowing Darkness
  • 03. Reborn Enlighted
  • 04. True Sight

EP Release date: December 4th 2020

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